373YE Edit

  • The Empire region of Skarsind, where Steinhall was based, is invaded by the barbarian Thule. Most of Steinhall’s warriors marched to fight the invaders and were killed in battle. The hall is burned to the ground.
  • The survivors fled into the hills and spent four years evading annihilation by the occupying Thule forces.  They stay hidden using knowledge of the region and in particular the network of mines and tunnels which run through the mountains. While they launch raids on patrols or solitary enemy encampments for supplies or to avoid discovery, they do not engage in any major military campaign. They joined with other refugees and formed a community who lived on the edges - always under threat of starvation or annihilation.

377YE Edit

377YE / 2013

  • Skarsind was eventually liberated by the Imperial Army after four years of occupation.
  • The people of Steinhall returned to the site of their old home and began to build anew, forming a new community around the ashes of the old. They named the new settlement ‘Ashenhall’.

378YE Edit

Autumn 378YE / September 2014 Edit

  • Ashenhall, in need of contacts and trade, attends the Anvil festival for the first time.

Winter 378YE / April 2015 Edit

  • A year after the liberation of Skarsind, Wintermark fell under a curse cast by our hated enemy the Thule. The initial impact was focussed on our Egregore - the spirit of our nation inhabiting the body of a mortal.
  • The Egregore was torn asunder and its spirit was split three ways.  Rather than being one being who represented Wintermark as a whole, it was split into three - one for each of the traditions: Steinr, Suaq and Kallevesi.

379YE Edit

Spring 379YE / May 2015 Edit

  • Three months later, the curse had progressed, starting to impact the people themselves. Although relatively minor, the impact was noticeable in that the three separate traditions, which had always mingled freely with each other, increasingly sought the company of those from their own tradition.

Summer 379YE / July 2015 Edit

  • After a further three months, the curse had progressed further still. The Egregore had begun to forget the names of Wintermark heroes. Our nation was on the verge of splitting apart.
  • It was divined that by recovering the Crown of Wintermark, an ancient relic of our people which had fallen into the hands of the Thule, we would be able to lift the curse.
  • During battle, the crown was recovered by warriors from the Imperial Orcs.
  • Legally spoils of war, the crown was now held by the Imperial Orcs - a people who set great store in relics and artefacts. The people of Wintermark appealed to the Orcs for the crown to be returned. Brok Ironside, one of the Orc chieftains, came to a Wintermark assembly to hear the words of the Winter-folk. More than a dozen people from the nation told stories of what the crown meant, speaking with passion on what it would do to our nation. Brok was moved by the passion with which we spoke and he presented the crown to our Egregore.
  • Having returned the crown, the Wintermark assembly of Stormcrows discussed amongst themselves what would be best done with it now the curse had been lifted.  They reasoned that, in recognition of his fine leadership as General, a man named Erkenbrand should be declared the Champion of Wintermark and bear the crown. The title of Champion is purely ceremonial and it holds no official authority.
  • The Imperial Orcs, formerly slaves of the Empire until they were emancipated, had long been without a home of their own.  They held no territory and so held no official positions within the Empire - including having no voice in the senate.
  • After being denied a political office, tempers frayed within the Orc nation. The Orcs appealed to Wintermark for help.
  • The Orcs would never hold political power without a land to call their own. Recognising this, the people of Wintermark proposed that the region of Skarsind, reclaimed for Wintermark only thanks to the aid of the Orcs, should be ceded to them - granting them a home of their own.
  • The Thane’s council held a vote - whether the region of Skarsind should be given to the Orcs. It was not yet known whether this would be legal by the Imperial constitution, but it could still be presented as a motion to the senate. If the motion was made legal then it would mean all those who inhabited the region would need to leave - effectively becoming homeless. The debate within the council was emotional and tense. All thanes were given an equal vote, regardless of whether they were based in Skarsind. The vote passed, but with only one of the Thanes from Skarsind voting in favour of the motion - Cadarn of Ashenhall.
  • The motion was put to the senate - the motion being that the people of Wintermark would cede ownership of Skarsind so that it could be allocated to another nation at a future date - if ratified by the Throne.
  • The motion passed unanimously amidst cheers and tears, with the senator for Skarsind being born from the senate house on the shoulders of the Orcs.

Autumn 379YE / September 2015 Edit

  • Three months later, the motion was ratified and it was declared that the nation would be given to the Orcs.  All Wintermark inhabitants would be welcome to remain, but all resources would suffer as they were no longer within a Wintermark region.
  • The people of Ashenhall must now decide where their new home will be. The Thane’s actions in voting in support of the motion were not wholeheartedly welcomed by the people of the hall, and some were understandably resentful that they must now leave the home they had only just reclaimed.
  • Wintermark loses its only remaining National Bourse seats - an ilium mine in the north as a bribe to the Thule, and a Mythril mine in Skarsind to the Imperial Orcs.

Winter 379YE / March 2016 Edit

  • Wintermark first hears of Thane Dogri Thulebane, who is maintaining that his keep at Crow’s Ridge in Skarsind is a part of Wintermark, and will remain that way indefinitely. People of Skarsind that are unhappy with the decision to cede the land to the Imperial Orcs start to make their way north.
  • Ashenhall obtains the money required to move to another region from Thanmyr. Hahnmark is chosen as the location, and the townsfolk begin the move.
  • Cadarn falls in battle. Hella Ashening takes his place as Thane of Ashenhall.
  • Roshar, a healer of Ashenhall, begins to attend Anvil.
  • Arhan, a wandering nomad, settles in Ashenhall.
  • Jakari Blackquill, private investigator in Hahnmark, investigating his brother-in-law’s murder, joins Ashenhall.

380YE Edit

Spring 380YE / May 2016 Edit

  • An Empress elect, Lisabeta von Holberg, seeks shelter in a Wintermark tent. Among others, Connovar is called to guard her against assassination attempts, ensuring that she reaches her coronation.
  • Algar takes the position of Apprentice to the Alderman, Pendrad.
  • Volfe is one of the twelve mages who cast Hallow of the Green World, leading to a year of growth and fertility.
  • Arhan formally takes on the title of Stormcrow of Wisdom.
  • Volfe is re-elected as Warden of the Mark.
  • Wintermark has the opportunity to create a Rune Forge - a Great Work. It is funded in extremely short order through the direct intervention of three large halls.
  • The Phoenix Stone is sought. Seen in a vision, this is the Phoenix Constellation that falls into a snow bank as a stone, only to be picked up by an unknown Thane of Wintermark. The Phoenix constellation has disappeared from the skies, and no-one can recall its significance.
  • The stars have disappeared from above Skarsind, except for the Red Star which seems to be getting bigger.
  • Thane Dogri Thulesbane, the hold-out Thane of Crow’s Ridge, turns out to not be as scary as everyone thinks. In fact, he is desperate, holding out against hope that Wintermark will not foresake him. The Thane’s Council want to talk to him, but he cannot be encouraged to come to Anvil.
  • Back at home, the first child is born since Ashenhall settled and resettled. The village begins to grow from the inside, as well as through people joining

Summer 380YE / July 2016 Edit

  • Empress Lisabeta, Empress of Flowers, is crowned. Much celebration and drinking.
  • A meteorite - the Red Star - is destined to fall somewhere in the Empire, and discussions are underway as to where to send it.
  • The Phoenix Stone is found in Horsa’s possession. Everyone suddenly remembers what the Phoenix Constellation is, and its significance. Still no stars in Skarsind’s sky.
  • Arhan, Connovar and other Kallavesi are part of a group mystical vision of ominous portent for the future, led by the Kallavesi Egregore.
  • Enough progress is made in a battle against the Jotun in Kallavesa that the Jotun agree to withdraw and will not make any inroads for a year.

Autumn 380YE / September 2016 Edit

  • Immediately prior to departing for the Anvil summit, Sigvald discovers that Ashenhall moved to Hahnmark and forgot to tell him. He rejoins the village.
  • Algar is unable to attend at this summit, due to sick cat (sour ale).
  • A shard of the Red Star meteorite falls in Kallavesa, and Connovar is part of an attempt to bring it back. Unfortunately, the ilium that it is made up of is said to be cursed and protected by Steinr spirits. When the quest goes out, it is discovered that the spirits are angry Kallavesi who will kill any Steinr before they will hand over the illium, and the ilium is not retrieved.
  • A new Mithril mine is discovered in Hahnmark, and a bid is launched to make it the new National Bourse Seat for the nation, which is successful.
  • Volfe has a magical altercation with the Regio and emerges as a Briar.
  • The Anvil Party comes back with two more new villagers in tow: Ulf Mordsson and Grim Varsson, friends of Sigvald’s. The village continues to grow.

Winter 380YE / April 2017 Edit

  • Thane Hella is re-elected to her position. She creates the position of Housecarl, appointing Connovar to oversee the military growth of the hall. Jag, having returned from Sermersuaq a changed man, is appointed Steward, and Algar continues on as Quartermaster.
  • In a Thane’s meet, Thane Hella offers Ashenhall as a potential home for those dispossessed souls at Crow’s Ridge, in the event they are forced to leave.
  • Algar fails to achieve the National Bourse Position ‘The Pride of Ikka’s Tears’. It instead falls to Raknar of Stormspire.
  • In a disastrous skirmish against the Jotun, four members of Ashenhall are slain: Ulf, Rann the Red, Connovar, and Hella. In her place, Jag takes over as acting Thane and appoints Roshar as his temporary Steward.
  • The Krampus visits Ashenhall and curses Katla to be compelled to follow everyone’s instructions for a season.
  • Sigvald and Grim are part of a successful skirmish to enact revenge on the Jotun, and to retrieve personal effects of the fallen.
  • Volfe steps down as Warden of the ‘Mark and attempts to attain the position of Archmage of Spring. He is not successful, but resolves to continue trying.
  • Arhan attempts to attain the position of Speaker for the Crows. He is not successful but is appointed the Speaker’s Second.
  • The Bourse collapses, bringing an oncoming financial depression that had been forecast for several seasons. The Empire is effectively bankrupt, a situation that will affect every single citizen in one way or another. Several other Bourse seats come up for emergency re-election as the cartels that engineered the crash find their members no longer in positions of power.

381YE Edit

Spring 381YE / May 2017 Edit

  • Thane Jag is elected unopposed, having served as Acting Thane for the intervening months since Winter. He establishes Roshar as his Steward, Grim as Housecarl, and Algar as Quartermaster.
  • The Trial of Thane Dogri Thulebane takes place. Having been captured in the intervening months, along with one of his inner circle and a single military captain who supported him, the public trial of Thulebane took place on the Saturday of the Spring weekend. While Mira, the member of his inner circle, and the military captain are granted clemency (the former on the basis of a Loyalty defense, the latter on a Courage defense), Thulebane is sentenced to be executed before sundown by the hand of Mother Thane. Wintermark rebels, instead sending him on a skirmish into Grendel-held Spiral, along with an Urizeni general. The story later comes back that he fought hard and was felled in honourable combat with many Grendel.
  • However, amid claims by Aelson of Dunhearth Hall that children may have been among the casualties, Senator for Sermersuaq Atte reports a potential crime to the magistrates, citing that it was believed that the Varushkan Iron Helms army may have killed Thulebane’s children. If upheld, the general of the Iron Helms will be tried for war crimes.
  • Algar is elected as Alderman of Wintermark by the Thane’s Council.
  • The Krampus once again visits Ashenhall, although apparently this time merely for interest’s sake.
  • Wintermark battle on the Sunday, attempting to retain a beach-head presence in Spiral. They are successful, and with minimal casualties, but Spiral is still wholly controlled by the Grendel.

Summer 381YE / July 2017 Edit

  • Volfe is elected Archmage of Spring.
  • Arhan becomes proxy Conscience of the Senate.
  • Jag journeys to Sermersuaq to meet with the hylia, the seal-folk of myth, and return to them the sealskin. Sermersuaq farms and fleets prosper over the coming seasons.
  • The Grape and the Grain perform Gathering The Harvest, ensuring that the farms of Ashenhall (among others) are prosperous.
  • A hole opens up bordering four territories - including Hahnmark. Populated by fierce Trogoni, the hole is home to large amounts of Weltsilver and Tempest Jade. The hole is sequestered by the Senate and put up as a potential Bourse seat in the following season.
  • Ashenhall has a new hall tent, greatly improving their presence on the field.

Autumn 381YE / September 2017 Edit

  • Sigvald, representing Eleonaris, Eternal of Summer, placed second in a competition of champions alongside his team-mates.
  • Alderman Algar is elected as the custodian of the Bourse seat ‘The Pride of Ikka’s Tears’ by votes from Wintermark Military Captains.
  • Ashenhall hosts the representative of Grendel Salt Lord Tully to negotiate for the return of the body of Doghri Thulebane - now potentially a Paragon of Loyalty due to a spontaneously-appearing amulet that is now around the body’s neck.
  • Ashenhall is given an aura of prosperity, led by Gliska Steining, for the first time.
  • The ‘hole Bourse seat’, now named ‘Lorenzo’s Deep Pockets’, is awarded to a four-nation consortium, including Hahnmark led in part by Baldur of Dunhearth.
  • Mother Thane, assisted by Algar, obtains the materials to build a sinecure to children who have passed into the Labyrinth in the Mournwold.