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Who are we? Edit

We are a Hall (group of players who share a camp of tents) of the Wintermark nation. We role-play that we come from the same town with a shared backstory, namely; Survivors of a barbarian orc occupation. A small trading town built on foundations of diversity and hospitality. We play co-operatively (mostly) using our Hall as a base of operations and a fire to sit by at events. Game Mechanics: Banner: The Embers of Ashenhall (hidden, contact admin to add) Territory: Hahnmark

What Wintermark tradition are we? Edit

A mixture of Suaq, Kallavesi and Stenir, with no dominant tradition.

Where do we live? Edit

Hahnmark, near Southridge, south of Kalpaheim In our small town, built from a reclaimed Imperial watchtower. Previously we lived in Skarsind, north of Gildenheim

What do we do? Edit

Ashenhall is a trading outpost, along the arteries from the Marches and Kallavesa. A safe haven for travellers from bandit attacks. We have all manner of personal resources, with no specific focus.

What were we called before Ashenhall? Edit

Steinhal, but then our hall burned down- hence, Ashenhall

Who burned our hall? Edit

The Thule, during the occupation of Skarsind. They killed our thane too.

How did we escape? Edit

Acting Thane Cadarn hid us in a mine. We stayed there until the all clear, then started to rebuild.

Who was our previous thane, before Cadarn? Edit

Aelle. Torstein was the founder, a couple of generations ago.

So why did we move to Hahnmark? Edit

Skarsind was given to the Imperial Orcs, and our town was barely rebuilt anyway.

What's Ashenhall like now? Edit

A motte and bailey fortified town, with a watchtower and great hall at one end, on top of a hill. The walls and buildings are improved every season.

Do I need to memorise all of this? Edit

Hell no. When playing, we mostly just wing it.

------------------------ A History of Ashenhall in context (and including things we've done in play) by Steve:…/1vCfeupvNDyvUUVP_jU8uVyXv6tK…/edit ------------------------ Ashenhall logos:…/qyl5oe…/AADZyneXD9mFGDZV3QwKgYF3a… ------------------------

=== Wintermark Glossary/ Crib Sheet:


(includes vast simplifications. Knowing all of this is also totally unimportant to playing the game)

Tradition: Clan/ Tribe Steinr: A Tradition. Rohan, Vikings, leather. Blunt, noble, shout a lot. Kallavesi: A Tradition. Swamp dwellers. Rags, feathers, animal bones. Mystical, magical, spiritual. Suaq: A Tradition. Inuit, Native American, hunters. lots of furs. sly, quiet, sneaky. Hall: a group of players under one Banner, usually in a collection of adjacent tents. Banner: Used interchangeably with "Hall". Also a physical, magical object. Thane: Chief, Boss etc Bannerman: Fighter/ Warrior/ hero Stormcrow: Priest Mystic: Wizard/ Mage/ Magic user of some kind Scop: Bard/ Storteller Artisan: Crafter/ Blacksmith/ Magic weapon maker Griminr: Healer/ Medic Mediator: Judge/ Magistrate/ Lawyer (?) Icewalker: Suaq wizard Coven: a group of wizards Rookery: big tent were all the Stormcrows hang out Moot: Meeting of everyone Thane's council: Boring thane meeting Council of Seven: important people who are not Thanes (see below) 1)Warden: Moot organiser 2)Runesmith: Chief crafter 3)Alderman: Chief trader 4)Keeper of the Covens: Chief wizard 5)Voice of the Crows: Chief priest 6)Marshall of the Mark: Military coordinator 7)Hand of the Healers: Chief medic

Sulkavaris: Wintermark Egregore. There are 3. They're all called Sulkavaris. Skein: Your Soul, imagined as a tapestry of your life. Frayed: Outcast, literally; damaged soul-tapestry Weregild: Debt, payment to resolve disputes (rarely used) Witan: winter festival Goosewhisper: Hallucinogenic potion. Heart of the Mark: Unit of any warrior who is not in a big hall. So you, basically. Voice of the small halls: Military coordinator for the small halls. Krampus: Xmas monster War Rhino: deceased enemy war beast that we hated.

Slang: IC: In character OC: out of character Wagon: Euphemism for Car. "Cherry Picking"/ "On Patrol": Euphemism for playing as an enemy for another Nation's battle. Barbarian Money: Euphemism for £ sterling. real money The Weave: Euphemism for the internet Resin: Euphemism for plastic Dire Bees: The sound made by expensive cars on the nearby Silverstone race track.


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