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Algar Tentun was a Steinr, Steinhall's (and later Ashenhall's) pub landlord, and, from 380YE, an economic figure at Anvil. From 379 he was Quartermaster of Ashenhall and keeper of the hall's resources. At Anvil, he was elected as the Alderman of Wintermark in Spring 381 and as the Custodian of the Pride of Ikka's Tears in Autumn 381.

Algar joined the army in his early life and performed a tour of duty, leaving with a small allowance. He spent this on ten small tuns of alcohol which he brought home to Steinhall, set on opening a small tavern.

During the occupation of the Thule, Algar hid in the mines with the surviving refugees. When Skarsind was liberated, he helped to rebuild the town, ensuring that the Scattered Stars - his tavern - was rebuilt more grandly than before. Again, when Skarsind was ceded to the Imperial Orcs, Algar journeyed ahead of the main party and oversaw the construction of the new Ashenhall - including a vastly-improved Stars.

At Anvil, Algar apprenticed to the Alderman, Pendrad, in Spring 380, before being elected to the role himself in Spring 381. In Autumn 381, the National Bourse Position 'The Pride of Ikka's Tears' came up for election. Having gained enough votes from military captains in the 'Mark, Algar was elected to the position.

Algar has a small rat, called Fergal, which accompanies him everywhere.